• Member Name:         Columbus Direct
  • Contact Name:          Stuart Lloyd
  • Contact Telephone:  0773 646 3671
  • Contact Email:           [email protected]
  • Website:                      www.columbusdirect.com

Columbus Direct is a leading travel insurance specialist, established in 1988, and covering over 15 million travellers since. We have a history of innovation in the industry, including being the first company to sell travel insurance direct to the consumer in the UK and also the first to fully sell online (emailing policy documents immediately post-purchase). Customer satisfaction and value for money are the driving forces behind Columbus Direct and we pride ourselves on providing a quick, efficient and hassle-free service. 

Columbus has won multiple awards over the years including most recently the ITIJ Travel Insurance Intermediary in 2019 and the YourMoney.com Best Direct Provider of Travel Insurance in the same year. Both of these awards have also been won in earlier years.

Columbus are part of Collinson, a family run, global business which offers a blend of industry and sector specialists who together provide market-leading experience in delivering products across Insurance, Assistance, Loyalty and Lifestyle Benefits.